School Facts
Quick Facts
Spot Valley High School is a co-educational, high school located in Lilliput Dist, Rosehall , St. James, Jamaica W.I
  • Founded 2005 -  High School
  • School colors: Burgundy & Pink
  • Enrollment fall 2013 - approximately 1,700 students
  • Student ratio is: Male - 49% / Female - 51%
  • 28:1 student/teacher ratio; average class size is 40-45 student.
  • 40% of the student body receives need based financial aid through the PATH programme
Campus Life 
To understand the success of our sports teams, performing arts programs and other extra-curricular activities, look inside the students themselves. Teachers, administrators, and coaches respect each student, knowing that if they're at Spot Valley High.  Our success in Sports serve as a bond between team members, supporting students, the school administration and the community at large and draws us closer, giving an atmosphere of family.  This has seen a closeness and brotherhood between students and has given them purpose to excel in the academics and through sports.  In fact it has brought recognition to the school, and a greater appreciation and appreciation in our students.The result is extraordinary commitment to self-discipline and teamwork in all chosen school activities.
  • 100% of the student body assigned to at least one extra-curricular program
  • 100% of student body should be registered members of school clubs
  • 4th and 4th formers involved in the Work Experience programme
  • 30 members of school actively involved in Technology Club, which monitor and reportthe activities of the school, teams, through video coverage, web blogs, while learning the skills, of media coverage, filming, video editing, audio engineering, desktop publishing and designs, 
Our students come from within the Lilliput Community and other neighbouring communities, near and far and bring with it a variety of gifts and talents within our small school atmosphere.  When young people and parents get to know the efforts and commitment of the Spot Valley staff and administration they understand how devoted we are to molding the young men and women that will fit into the world of work

Culturally Diverse

  • 100% diversed (out of many one people)

Religiously Diverse

  • 99.9% Christianity; Anglican, Baptist, Holiness, New Testament
  • 0.001 Rastafarians

Geographically Diverse

  • Spot Valley is centrally located in Cornwall County in the community of Lilliput . We are 5km away from Parish capital, Savanna-la-mar in Westmoreland.
  • Students live in surrounding communities; some commute from 
Spot Valley High offers a comprehensive academic program in college prep, honors and Advanced Placement. Those who are motivated to learn and work hard, within a college-preparatory curriculum, find success at Spot Valley  and beyond.
  • Spot Valley entered the School Challenge Quiz in <<date here>>
  • Top CXC Information Technology Student in the entire English Speaking Caribbean two years in a rows (2000 - 2001)
  • Offers vocations in Visual arts, Auto Mechanics, Machine Shop, Technical Drawing, Food and Nutrition, Electronic Document Preparation Management, Cosmetology, Information Technology and Electrical Installation. 
  • Drop and Read - once per week  - to encourage reading, and reading in the content area.
  • E-Learning Jamaica - provision of labs and multimedia equipment/internet service and training
  • Weblink, an integrated website that offers many of the recording tasks at school for administrators and students
  • Mathematics lab - computers and software to use in the teaching of concepts
  • Teacher Access to Laptops and multimedia equipment as well as E-Learning Room/White Board Room for technology integration in schools
  • Teaching faculty are credentialed; over 40% have advanced degrees

Arts at Spot Valley
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Performing Arts 
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Visual Arts
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The athletics program at Mater Dei offers 5different sports programs over three seasons with multiple levels in each program.
  • 10% of PHS students participate in athletics as athletes, statisticians, managers or trainers
  • 1996 - Quater Finals DaCosta Cup
  • 2012 - 9th Place finish Issa sponsored Boys and Girls Championships
  • 2013 - 9th Place finish Issa sponsored Boys and Girls Championships
  • 2013 - 2014 Season - Semi Finals Under 14 Football Team
  • 2013 - 2014 Season - Semi Finals Under 16 Football Team
  • 2013 - Volleball stats 
Spirituality & Service
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Tradition & Family
Building on 60 years of excellence, in tradition and a belief in the very best.

Personal Responsibility 
Spot Valley High School is committed to the health, safety, and welfare of all students, faculty, staff, and guests. An atmosphere of mutual love and respect exists at our school, while the disciplinary procedures address issues that may disrupt our school's commitment to family values.

Spot Valley High has adopted a zero tolerance policy for certain behaviors deemed a danger to our school community: Any student directly associated with or conspiring to bring a <<tool>>  for <<item>> for sale onto the campus or to any Petersfield High function or activity will be subject to <<action to be placed here>>