Spot Valley High School is a multi-disciplinary instituition. We believe in empowering and educating young minds, transforming them from mere students into hollistic individuals; ready to take on the world at large. While education is the major driving force behind our thrust; we believe that by introducing our students to a diversity of skills, talents and abilities; we can forge ahead with our goal of maximizing their potential and transforming them into hollistic citizens of Jamaica. We continue to enjoy successes in academics and in the arena of sports and cultural activities.

Principal: Ivor Bailey (2015- present)
Principal: Angella Williams ( acting 2014-2015)
Principal: Doreth Chambers (2005- 2013)
Principal: Ivor Bailey (2015- present)


Spot Valley High School avows to a secure,supportive learning environment that enables all students to attain their maximum potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Through open communication and shared decision-making by students, staff, parents and community, we endeavour to provide educational opportunities that will produce multi-skilled, productive individuals in a global society and establish a tradition of educating students for empowerment and excellence.


A Beacon dispelling ignorance! Illuminating the path to knowledge,

Education for Empowerment and Excellence