Past Principals

Miss Edith Stewart.................................1970 - 1983

Dr. Brendalee Haughton..........................1984 - 1998

Rev. Dr. Basil Chamber...........................1999 - 2007

Mrs. Eugenie Spence.............................2007 -  2012

Mr. Clyde Evans ....................................2012 - Present

Basil Chambers' eternal love for the classroom


Teacher Basil Chambers - GEORGE HENRY

MALVERN, St. Elizabeth:

BASIL CHAMBERS WAS a member of the 1966 graduating class at the Mico Teachers' College. Although he has worked in the Jamaican classroom, moulding minds, young and old, he has also worked with the youths outside of teaching, while organising camps, among other events.

He has worked in Hanover and St. Catherine as manager of HEART Academies, but he loves teaching. Chambers told THE STAR that teaching has always been his first love. He noted that as a very young child, he had already made up his mind that teaching was the path he would take in an effort to assist in building his country.

Mr. Chambers, who is currently the principal of Petersfield High School in Westmoreland, said his becoming a teacher did not come out of the love he had for the profession, but that he had a mentor, S.A.H. Jackson, whom he emulated and respected and who was the principal of the Maggotty Primary School in St. Elizabeth, which he attended while growing up.

"I wanted to be nothing else than a head teacher and then an inspector, which we now refer to as education officer," said Mr. Chambers.

Chambers, though not yet appointed an education officer, has worked at schools such as Springfield All Age and Thornton All Age in St. Elizabeth.


Teaching, for Chambers, has been challenging. However, according to the veteran educator, he has been able to see the fascinating side of the profession which he sees as becoming even more challenging for his colleagues.

"Every time I leave the classroom, I would develop a nostalgia for teaching. As soon as I go out there and see classes dismissed, I just feel a love for the children, especially those that are regarded as being poor. I love to watch them learn as well as to see them move from one social class to the other," noted Mr. Chambers.

Chambers, who stated that he has helped several of his students to hold their own in top positions in Jamaica as well as overseas, said many of them have always shown gratitude for what he has assisted them in achieving.

He pointed out that though appreciation has not been shown with material things, he is satisfied that even a 'hello' can come out of the mouths of his students when he sees them on the street.

Meeting students whom he taught 30 years ago, makes the teacher happy, especially those who occupy top jobs in the society. He stated that he has never coveted those whom he has taught and who are in the highest positions, as he is happy that he has had something to do with their success.

The Petersfield principal, who is the holder of a teachers' certificate, a bachelor's degree with honours and a masters in human resource development, said helping persons to learn and achieve is a part of his life and he intends to continue giving a helping hand to those who want to learn and achieve.

He is close to retirement and Mr. Chambers made it clear that he will miss the classroom but that he intends to stay in education, lecturing at an institution in the west of the island.