The school has several policies governing students' behaviour.  Sanctions for breaches of these policies are applied under certain disciplinary mechanisms.

Disciplinary Mechanisms


The Principal reserves the right to suspend students for serious breaches, as well as make recommendations to the Board of Management for the expulsion of any student whose conduct is deemed intolerable or brings the name of the school into disrepute.  We operate in accordance with the Ministry of Education Regulations, 1980, section 29 which states that:

  1. A student shall obey the rules of the school he is attending
  2. Where a student considers that he has been victimized or otherwise unfairly treated he may appeal to the principal and if necessary the Board.

  • Suspension for 1 - 9 days.  Parents conference will be held and re-admission slip given to student before returning to class.
  • Suspension for 10 days.  The students behaviour history will be submitted to the school Board for review, Student and parents required to meet the Board
  • After two suspensions students will be referred to Disciplinary Committee for hearing/or further referral.
  • In school suspension - Teachers, supervisors, Dean  of Discipline, Vice Principals, Principals may give a student in school suspension as a form of punishment for unacceptable behaviour.  This may take any of the following three forms:
  • The student will sit on the edge of the garden in front of the secretary's office for the duration of the school day(s) he has been suspended for and ensures that all information from all classes for that day/those days is collected during break and before or after school and that app assignments are done and a submitted to relevant teachers.
  • The students sits under the tank for the duration of the class from which he was suspended and ensures that he gets the relevant information for that class and does all assignments before the next scheduled class in that subject area.
  • The student is given community service which will be completed in any department needing assistance/asked to clean the walls/school yard etc.



  1. Students are expected to conform to generally accepted notions of decency, morality, sobriety, orderliness, respect, courtesy, discipline and such modes of behaviour both on and off campus.
  2. Students are expected to communicate with their teachers in Standard English and should not use obscene language to anyone on or off the campus.  The penalty for indecent language ranges from 5 demerits to suspension.
  3. All Activities planned by students must be discussed with their form teacher/grade supervisors and submitted in writing to the principal or vice principals for approval before execution.
  4. All communication to the public verbal or written must be vetted by the Principal/Vice Principals before they are effected.
  5. Students who stay at school in the afternoons and are not engaged in activities organized by the school must/leave the school premises by 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.  After this time the school does not accept responsibility for their safety.
  6. Unauthorized movement on corridors and campus during class time and visits to the bathrooms and pipes between classes are NOT ALLOWED.  Students caugh loitering will be given two demerits/community service work/suspension.

The Anti-Litter Ticketing System


Foster environment awareness among students
Ensure a cleaner school environment
Ensure that the school's property is protected.  Serve as a deterrent to littering and defacement
Serve as an income earner for environmental projects

Students will receive tickets for the following offences