Employment Information

Petersfield High School
Box 51 Petersfield P.O.
Westmoreland, Jamaica
(876) 955-5390

Thank you for your interest in Petersfieldi High School. In order to be considered for a position please submit a resume and completed application via email to personnel@petersfieldhigh.com  Applicants may also mail information to the Chairman of the School Board C/O the Principal to the above address

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Open Administrative Positions:

POSTION:  None at this Time
Petersfield High School is accepting resumes for the position of <<position here>>. Explanation of position. Please forward resume/application to personnel@petersfieldhigh.com

Open Faculty Positions: None at this Time

Petersfield High School is now accepting resumes for <<Name of  Subject>> teaching position. Must have minimum of a <<degree diploma here>>  in subject area.  Please send resume to personnel@petersfieldhigh.com

Open Coaching Positions:

None at this time.

Open Support Staff Positions:

None at this time.

Other Positions:

School Nurse Substitute

None at this time. Please email resume to personnel@petersfieldhigh.com